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Samui Coconut Creamy Body Scrub
250 gm

    Our creamy body scrub contains hydrating Aloe Vera  and Coconut Extract, anti-oxidant rich Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Koh Samui and natural exfoliating Tamarind extract. The natural Walnut Shell scrub helps gently removing dead skin cells effectively while moisturizes leaving skin feeling silky smooth, radiant and irresistible to touch.

    Apply a generous amount of Coconut Body Scrub to damp skin to polish away dead skin cells, rinse and gently towel dry.  For optimum results, moisturize newly smoothed skin Satira Samui Coconut Body Lotion.
Tamarind / มะขาม
Tamarind is a tropical fruit well known for its sweet and sour taste. Thais have for centuries used tamarind as a natural cleanser. It is great for combination/ oily skin due to mild acidity helps rem...
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