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5 ml

            Satira Fragrant Reed Diffusers offer continuous beautiful and exotic scents. A custom designed vase elegantly present this unique piece of home decoration and fragrance to fit perfectly anywhere. The reed will gently absorb the fragrance and diffuse scent when air drifts past them. Each reed is full of tiny air pockets that saturate with fragrance and release scent into the air continuously.                                                                                                                                                              
  Instruction: Pour the oil into diffuser vase. Insert diffuser reeds with the fruit decoration tip on top to let the end saturate with fragrant oil. The reed will draw the oil and diffuse the fragrance. Allow 24 hours for fragrance to reach full result. Refill the oil every 2 weeks to refresh the fragrance. Replace the reeds after 2 months of usage and when you change the fragrance.